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Commercial Locksmith

Commercial Locksmith

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Lock Change

An experienced team for all locksmith needs! We promise efficiency and excellence

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Residential Locksmith

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Outstanding 24 hour services by well-trained locksmiths

Answers to frequently asked questions related to locksmith services such as lock repairs, installation and replacement.Find out how to upgrade the lock system at home and why locks are needed at all entrances. Also learn how to see the first signs of lock wear.

What are the signs of time on keys and locks?

Most signs of time are evident because they are related with obvious problems like funny noises when you are trying to put the key in the lock, difficulty in the rotation of the cylinder and rusty keys. Sometimes, problems are hidden and one day the keys will suddenly break. It is self-evident that you don't have to wait for the first signs of erosion but have the locks replaced much earlier.

How do I upgrade my door locks?

There are excellent security door locks in the market but you need to make your choices carefully. You need to remember that there are high and low risk locks and each door and window requires a different type of lock. You should keep track of all novelties and technologies and it's good to consult experts, too. Give priority, attention and more money for the high risk locks without disregarding the importance of all home door locks.

Should I put locks on gates and garage doors?

First of all, both gates and garage doors can be strong and resistant to intrusion attempts if they are maintained properly. Apart from installing good security door locks and using the garage remote for your entry, you could install a wireless keypad, which would work with a rolling code. This will make the entrance much more difficult and in combination with alarms and cameras, your home will be impenetrable.

Does silicon spray work?

According to experts in Bonney Lake, this spray works if your key cannot open the locks even if they do in normal situation. With the help of the spray, the lock softens and goes back to normal.

Why do windows need good locks, too?

Many perpetrators choose to break in through windows since most people give emphasis on door locks. Durable window lock installation is equally important, especially if they are found at the ground level. Our specialists suggest that you could also install steel bars and motion detectors.

Should I install electronic bolts?

Electronic deadbolt installation with keypads is a great idea. You'll just forget all problems related with keys. You'll just have to remember your personal code and you can acquire additional ones for the rest of the family and visitors. If you're still unsure, install electronic door locks to one entrance to see how it works for you.

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